Cheryl talks about her daughter’s organ donations.

Keith tells his story and why he became a counselor.

Rev. Sky talks about the question of why and how to look beyond it.

Amanda shares the importance of listening and being comfortable with silence.

Keith discusses getting help, resources and that you don’t need to be alone.

Rev. Sky talks about the universality of grief and how people grieve differently.

Janice uses a personal story to talk about how loss can be related to the whole relationship not just the death.

Cheryl talks about her daughter’s organ donations.

Rev. Sky explains triggers, identifying them and what you need.

Donna talks about the threads of grief and her personal experience.

Keith talks about time, healing and hope.

Janice explains how crying helps physically and emotionally.

Rev. Sky talks about loss due to gun violence, that it’s OK to cry and finding an outlet.

Donna discusses language and talking about grief.

Keith talks about the importance of story, understanding our journey and how we are connected.

Michael relays a story of a man coping after the loss of his wife.

Janice reveals some practical methods to help with grief.

Rev. Sky talks about youth and when it’s time to reach out for support.

Rev. Sky discusses how trauma affects us on many levels.

Rev. Sky discusses yearning and how it’s OK to feel those emotions.

Rev. Sky talks about the emotions that come along with loss and outlets that can help.

Donna shares some practical ways to help someone in grief.

Rev. Sky discusses trauma and re-experiencing the initial emotion had at the beginning of a loss.

Rev. Sky discusses things you can do to help navigate emotions.

Janice discusses triggering, overreacting, underreacting, and taking responsibility for the size of our feelings.

Jen discusses how some poses can help release stress.

Janice talks about the importance of allowing our feelings as that’s the only way to get through them.

Janice explains the importance of listening to, trusting and honouring ourselves and our feelings.

Janice explains how important it is to pay attention to your feelings.

Janice discusses disenfranchised grief and holding on to hurt.

Janice discusses waves of grief and how important it is to go with it.

Janice discusses grieving alone and when its important to have people around you that can listen and understand what you are feeling.

Cheryl defines grief and talks about how we all grieve differently.

Jeff discusses the many aspects of grief and how we are all connected.

Keith discusses grief and age.

Katie talks about the loss of her mother.

Cheryl discusses unresolved grief.

Jen talks about how being a funeral director and how yoga and grief became connected for her.

Jen talks about how yoga may be beneficial.

Jen discusses the ups and downs of the 1st year.

Jen talks about how breathing and yoga can help cope.

Jen discusses how yoga can help release stress and give you strength to help deal with the circumstances you need to deal with.

Janice talks about her personal grief experiences and understanding the need for grieving as long as you need to.

Janice explains that hard work is necessary to reach the calm and peace.

Janice talks about the importance of noticing feelings.

Janice talks about how it can help to let the feelings come up.

Janice explains that when somebody dies it’s not just the death that you are dealing with but the entire relationship.

Janice discusses the goals of emotional work and arriving at a peaceful place.

Janice discuss the importance of being aware of your feelings.

Janice explains how photographs can be a doorway to help move forward.

Janice talks about risks in behaviour and progress.

Rev. Sky discusses how feeling numb is a normal emotion and what you need to move forward.

Rev. Sky introduces herself and explains why she is in these videos.

Janice explains the importance of not being judgemental and listening when helping someone is in grief.

Janice talks about how feelings can be buried and how working through them can help.

Janice talks about why some people don’t feel grief and what it may mean.

Keith explains that by imagining being in someone’s position can show you practical ways of helping them.

Keith explains how grief is internal and mourning is external.

Keith explains it is never too late to grieve and there is no timeline.

Keith gives practical advice about helping someone in grief.

Keith describes disenfranchised grief.

Amanda discusses the importance of connecting with others.

Rev. Sky discusses the grief motto 80% listening, 20% talking and how to help someone in grief.

Rev. Sky talks about her personal loss and the positive changes that happen as we journey through grief.

Rev. Sky talks about time and allowing emotion.

Rev. Sky talks about weepies, that they are OK and how to deal with them.

Amanda discusses how being present with someone can be helpful.

Rev. Sky explains how sharing helps you heal.

Amanda talks about the power of community and the importance of reaching out.

Amanda talks about the comfort zone in palliative care.

Amanda talks about how little things can be a huge gift during palliative care.

Amanda discusses the value of feeling like being at home during palliative care.

Amanda talks about grief and it’s connection to love.

Rev. Sky talks about going forward and growing in the grief process.

Rev. Sky discusses sudden loss, shock and what is important to do to heal.

Rev. Sky explains ways of looking after yourself and why it’s so important.