Loss of a Partner

Kara tells her story and explains how things have changed on her journey.

Kara discusses food shopping for one and learning what she as an individual likes.

Kara discusses how pets help

Kara talks about selling their house and the transition.

Kara talks about stuff, guilt and memories.

Kara explains how her grief changes through time.

Kara discusses how she hears the strength of her relationship in her mind.

Kara discusses evolving, growth and change.

Kara describes the process of moving past the traumatic memory of her partner’s death to reflect on the beautiful moments of their thirty years together.

Kara talks about never having discussed being a same sex couple with most of her family.

Kara talks about her partner dying.

Kara talks about how you change.

Kara discusses time and how grief changes.

Kara talks about a special gift of memories.

Michael relays a story of a man coping after the loss of his wife.