• Grief hurts. Period. Connecting with others who are walking this similar yet unique path is especially healing. Over time, grief can strengthen your life. It is a process and the pain is a part of the healing. Moving forward from it vs. getting over it is the key to self-preservation and a positive grief experience. Yes, a positive grief experience. Grief sharing needs to be open and unfettered…Grief Stories is the human condition in its most intimate and honest form…a comprehensive collection of real life stories, real 6me grief journeys. It normalizes and provides hope. There is nothing like this out there. It will change the way we see grief and ourselves.
    Michael Ward
    30 year Funeral Director
  • Grief remains the taboo topic in our culture. We seem to be able to speak about any other topic but when it comes to grief, mourning and the expressions of such, silence becomes the norm. It is my professional opinion, Grief Stories is a huge step in not only addressing the silence but also giving people a practical, helpful and encouraging place to go to explore their own journey as well as listen to the hearts of others.
    Dr. L. Keith Taylor
    Director, Genesis Bereavement Resource Centre
  • It is said that we are an illiterate society when it comes to grief. Many people don’t know what to say at funerals and how to be supportive of grieving people. Grief Stories is an exciting concept of using video vignettes that have the potential to capture the pain, suffering, isolation, doubt and fears that many experience.  
    Karyn Kennedy
    President and CEO, BOOST Child and Youth Advocacy Centre