November 11, 2019

Krista – “How a counsellor helps”

Krista explains how a grief counsellor has helped.
October 17, 2019

Maureen – “Our 20th Anniversary”

Maureen talks about she dealt with her miscarriages and how she felt after 20 years.
December 17, 2018

Brenda and Dale – “Their Relationship”

Brenda and Dale talk about grieving differently and the challenges loss creates for couples.
December 16, 2018

Kara – “Getting over the dying part”

Kara describes the process of moving past the traumatic memory of her partner’s death to reflect on the beautiful moments of their thirty years together.
December 16, 2018

Margaux – “It never really hit me at one moment”

Margaux describes the experience of gradually processing her grief through individual and group therapy.
December 16, 2018

Jeff – “Talking About Grief”

Jeff outlines the story of losing his mother to cancer and the difficulty he experienced when he struggled to acknowledge his grief after her death.
December 16, 2018

Doug – “Birthdays”

Doug discusses time, pity and sharing with others.
December 16, 2018

Cheryl and Mike – “Getting help”

Mike and Cheryl talk about their surviving daughter and getting help.
December 16, 2018

Russell – “Need to talk”

Russell talks about both mothers and fathers having needs.