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We all experience grief at times throughout our life. It is an inevitable reality of being human. We here at Grief Stories believe passionately in the power of connection to help during times of grief and the strength of video to deliver genuine stories.

Our videos are real people and health professionals sharing their stories and insights about grief and loneliness.

Featured Videos

Kara tells her story and explains how things have changed on her journey

Margaux talks about group therapy and writing as tools for processing grief.

Rev Sky talks about the question why and how to look beyond it

Our Story

Grief Stories is a non-profit organization. We make short video stories with hope, insights and information about grief. This virtual video platform is created by professional filmmakers and vetted by health care experts. Privately accessible anywhere anytime this library is a community health resource for people facing grief and loneliness

We believe passionately in the power of video and the strength of stories to help people with their grief.


I am so grateful to have been a part of Grief Stories as it has helped me so much in dealing with my mother’s death. I was so unsure of how I would feel about speaking about my grief regarding my mother’s death because we had a difficult relationship and I actually felt some relief when my mother passed and part of me felt shame for feeling that way. I feel that the experience has helped me to resolve many negative feelings I had towards my mother and has helped me to feel compassion and understanding of my mother’s experiences in her life which were not always easy.

Cathy Buckingham

Grief remains the taboo topic in our culture. We seem to be able to speak about any other topic but when it comes to grief, mourning and the expressions of such, silence becomes the norm. It is my professional opinion, Grief Stories is a huge step in not only addressing the silence but also giving people a practical, helpful and encouraging place to go to explore their own journey as well as listen to the hearts of others.

Dr. L. Keith Taylor
Michael Ward

Grief hurts. Period. Connecting with others who are walking this similar yet unique path is especially healing. Over time, grief can strengthen your life. It is a process and the pain is a part of the healing. Moving forward from it vs. getting over it is the key to self-preservation and a positive grief experience. Yes, a positive grief experience. Grief sharing needs to be open and unfettered…Grief Stories is the human condition in its most intimate and honest form…a comprehensive collection of real life stories, real 6me grief journeys. It normalizes and provides hope. There is nothing like this out there. It will change the way we see grief and ourselves.

Michael Ward

Our Partners

Grief Stories would like to thank their generous and passionate partners. With their continuous support, we are able to continue to grow and strive to increase our ability to provide support to more people.

Port Hope District Healthcare Foundation
cognition productions
Critical Creative

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