It’s 3AM and Sean cannot sleep.

His wife, Suzy, died of cancer and Sean’s grief continues to wake him in the middle of the night.

He’s looking for a visual aid, a testimonial of someone else’s grief – to find understanding in another person’s story.

A human connection…


What we do

We here at Grief Stories passionately believe in the power of connection to help during times of grief and the strength of video to deliver genuine stories. Our videos feature real people and health professionals telling their stories about grief and loneliness. Our videos are created by professional filmmakers and vetted by health care experts.


To mobilize the power of community to help those in grief know that, at times of need, they aren’t alone, that there is hope, that they can survive, and in time, even thrive, in their new normal.


To be THE on-demand resource to help the global community cope with grief. Using innovative technology to leverage the power of human connection, the impact of sharing stories on film about death and the knowledge of healthcare professionals

Our Story

Grief Stories is a non-profit organization. We make short video stories with hope, insights and information about grief. This virtual video platform is created by professional filmmakers and vetted by health care experts. Privately accessible anywhere anytime this library is a community health resource for people facing grief and loneliness

We passionately believe in the power of video and the strength of stories to help people with their grief.