It’s 3AM and Sean cannot sleep.

His wife, Suzy, died of cancer a year ago and Sean’s grief continues to wake him in the middle of the night. During these moments of insomnia he often searches the internet for support tools to help him understand what he is going through. He is mostly overwhelmed by clinical and lengthy text heavy websites. He’s looking for a visual aid, a testimonial of someone else’s grief – to find understanding in another person’s story. A human connection. 

An idea was born… what if there were easily accessible short visual stories of people and professionals sharing insights and information. It could be like a virtual group session to be viewed privately or publicly. Grieving is a common human experience yet it is also very personal. If any griever could access visual stories that were relevant to them by gender, situation, age or race it would be a powerful personalised tool


Keep the cameras rolling

Grief Stories is an initiative of My Grief Now